Portrait Dieter Zakel

If nobody has been able
to help you so far, now is
the time for new solutions!
We can help you with any
health problem immaginable.

What do you find here?

On these webpages you can find information on the various medical services offered by us. Staying healthy, healing, medical care: That is not only an interesting science, but also an encounter of human beings. In the medical field there is no such thing as too much human life experience. Also from your life. Also from the lives of other persons who may have similar questions or fears regarding health. Therefore I am looking forward to your active participation in this homepage. Create your own profile of interests. Do ask. Do share your experiences. Read what touches other persons.

100% gurantee badgeThe forum and newsgroups are open for you. Here you can see how to log on as a member. Welcome! If you would like to have some other area added to this homepage, please let me know. Everything serving health is worth mentioning.

I am:

  • Anaesthesiologist and Critical Care Physician
  • Medical specialist for blood group serology and transfusion medicine
  • Medical specialist for pain medicine
  • Medical specialist for hyperbaric medicine
  • GP
  • Senior Emergency Physician
  • Emergency Physician
  • Clinical Trial Controller
  • Military Surgeon

What does our logo mean?

Our logo shows a maze as a symbol of the lack of orientation and helplessness as well as a red arrow as a way of a restart and a new life.

It happens in life that we believe to be at our wit's end. But suddenly there is a way out, maybe unexpected, surprisingly there is a way out of a crisis, like the red arrow leading out of the maze. And suddenly there is a new life, a new force, a new beginning and everything appears in a new light.

My team and I are offering a medical service with this hight quality standard: getting out of the crisis with the red fast target-oriented arrow. So that everything is going to be alright for you again.

Do not hesitate to call me! Beside my medical expertise and our well-founded overview in medical matters worldwide, I can offer you time. Time to listen to you.


Dieter Zakel MD MA